About MIKE

Michael Turkowitz. A teen running around NYC who cut hair, made pizzas, sold mattresses and framed pictures, all while delivering medicine at his cousin's pharmacy. He made a living by hustling odd jobs. Today, Hip Hop Mike has made a name for himself in radio while always remaining genuine. An established on-air personality and a manager to upcoming artists LiveLikeDavis and MoraMina, HipHopMike is an avid influencer. 


Growing up, HHM moved around often – living between Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island. As a teenager, he was sent to a group home where most of his time was spent listening to Hot 97 on the radio. He developed a passion for Hip Hop and his tenacity led him to reach out to media personalities in hopes of a job. After receiving advice and words of encouragement from Peter Rosenberg, HHM decided to embark on a career path that required hard work, patience, and dedication...


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