Helping artists at any stage in their careers formulate plans to bring their visions to life.

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*Please contact us for monthly managemenT packages*

- Artist Development 

Building 1 on 1 while never hesitating to connect artists with a variety of industry professionals from song writers to producers, engineers and more.

- Distribution & Release Planning

Helping artists come up with strategic plans to consistently release music, whether it be through placements, media blasts, events and more. Connecting artists with targeted playlisting campaigns in partnership with a number of affiliates to help improve exposure through playlisting. 

- Promotion & Publicity

Pitching music, visuals, merchandise and more  to publicists or major media outlets relevant in todays markets, whether nationally or over seas. This includes major radio stations, (Hot 97, Power 105, Real 92.3, etc.) media outlets (Complex, Lyrical. Lemonade, Genius, No Jumper, etc.) TV networks (MTV, BET, Music Choice, etc.) and more! 

- Digital & Influencer Marketing

Offering a variety of marketing. strategies through some of todays most reputable companies in the entertainment industry. Connecting artists with influencers who set trends across all social media platforms for the lowest rates possible. 

- Bookings 

All clients are welcome to perform at any shows or concerts planned by Hip Hop Mike as well as most shows he is booked to host. This can include opening for major artists in addition to a number of festivals internationally from SXSW to Paris, Frances Revoloution Music Fest. Rolling Loud and many others. 

- Graphic Design

Connecting artists with a number of graphic design companies and indie's who can bring any idea or vision to life! 

- Artist Merchandise 

Providing options through a number of relationships who can design, manufacture, stock and ship merchandise. 

- Studio Time

Connecting clients with a number of studios around the world including some of the most iconic and well respected in New York City.